Nadine’s Counselling Approach

South Surrey Depression, Anxiety, Trauma and Relationship Counselling

My approach is holistic and client-centered, dealing primarily with issues of depression, anxiety, trauma and relationships.  This means that I consider the emotional, physical, biological, and spiritual aspect of each client.  Sometimes we need to address more than one area of our life in order to move forward.  For example, depression is an emotional (or mental health) issue but it also may have a spiritual aspect in that the client is struggling to find meaning or purpose in life.  Or perhaps there is a hormonal imbalance that is contributing to the depression, in which case I might recommend that a client also consult their physician or naturopathic doctor.

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I believe counselling is an opportunity to create positive change in one’s life. Counselling may be just a few sessions to learn some new strategies for coping with a particular challenge or it may be a decision to do some significant inner work. In either case, this is a personal journey that requires a willingness to step out of the familiar and engage in a process of discovery and new learning.

I am client-centered, in that I work with your stated goals and preferred approach. Sometimes clients only need to talk out issues whether it be business-related or stress in a relationship. For those interested in a mind/body approach, I offer Focusing Oriented Therapy, which allows you to gently process any emotions that are contributing to your distress.  Whether you are experiencing difficulty due to trauma, PTSD, a relationship break-up, depression, transition or other challenge, Focusing is an opportunity to safely explore those deeper places that may be contributing to feeling stuck in a particular area of life.  You may already have a ‘gut’ feeling that your current distress is related to a particular experience in life or a core belief that you formed early on – or you may not.   Either way, counselling is opportunity to create a deeper connection with yourself, moving beyond limiting beliefs to greater self-acceptance, healing and peace of mind.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is often recommended for those individuals experiencing depression and anxiety.  I also have training in this approach and offer many practical tools and handouts that assist clients in improving their mental health.  I encourage my clients to practice these tools in between sessions to further support the sought after changes and therapeutic goals.  In addition, I offer assertiveness training and anger management for clients wanting to improve their personal and/or professional relationships.