Do you find yourself saying yes when you really want to say no? Do you feel guilty when turning down a request for your help?  Do you inconvenience yourself, change your schedule, accommodate others, do more than your fair share of the work, give and give and yet feel powerless to change your situation? This often leads to feelings of frustration, exhaustion, and the sense of being taken advantage of by others.

BoundariesYou are not alone….many people find it difficult to say no.  Perhaps you fear the conflict that will result if you say no, or worry that someone you care about will reject you or leave you (physically or emotionally).  You may wonder if you have the right to say no and since it feels so stressful to set a boundary, you stay stuck in the passive role.  Sometimes people develop depression, burnout or a physical illness as a result of their inability to set limits and say no.

If this is you, change IS possible! Assertiveness is not a personality trait; these skills can be learned. You can learn to say no, express your needs, wants directly, and find balance between giving and receiving.  As you do this, your self-respect and self-esteem will improve.  Relationships at home, work and with friends will improve as well. You will be able to express your views and opinions, set limits, be your own person and feel in charge of your life.  With support and practice, you can begin today and start to feel more positive about yourself and others!

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