Do you find yourself saying yes when you really want to say no? Do you feel guilty when turning down a request for your help?  Do you inconvenience yourself, change your schedule, accommodate others, do more than your fair share of the work, give and give and yet feel powerless to change your situation? This often leads to feelings of frustration, exhaustion, and the sense of being taken advantage of by others.

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Anxiety….that pit in your stomach, hands sweating, heart beating, dizziness, dry mouth and racing thoughts.  No matter how much you tell yourself that everything is okay, to calm down and breathe, your body reacts as though there is a 5 alarm fire about to happen. You remember the last panic attack with dread, and anticipate the same outcome. So you make a quick escape from the grocery store, the crowded bus, get off the highway or simply stay home and in doing so, you find that your body begins to settle down and you feel more comfortable again….and the endless cycle of panic and avoidance continues.  [Read more…]


Although people often use the expression, “I’m so depressed”, clinical depression is much more than simply feeling the blues for a few days.  Clinical depression affects mind, body and spirit.  While it has serious impact on one’s life, it is most certainly treatable.

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